Do daytime “sleep attacks” leave you dreaming about a better treatment for narcolepsy?

Do you have excessive daytime sleepiness from narcolepsy? You may be interested to learn about SUVNG3031, a research study evaluating an investigational product for narcolepsy with and without cataplexy. Currently, there are treatments available that can increase alertness and improve daytime performance in people with narcolepsy. There are also treatments available to help improve the effects of cataplexy. Doctors continue to research treatments through clinical studies because a single safe and effective treatment for multiple symptoms is still unavailable. The main purpose of this study is to learn how well the study drug works and how safe the study drug is compared to placebo. A placebo is an inactive material that looks like the study drug but does not contain any active study drug.

What will happen in this study?
If you are eligible to enroll in this study, you will be in this study for approximately 7 weeks, and you will need to come to the study center at least 5 times over this period. You will take either the study drug tablet or a placebo tablet once every day for 14 days. You will stay overnight at the study clinic 3 times for a sleep study and other study procedures.
You will also come to the study clinic for a safety follow-up visit.

Who is eligible to participate in this study?
To be eligible for this study, you must be:

  • Be between 18 and 65 years of age
  • Have a diagnosis of narcolepsy confirmed by a sleep study

This is not a complete list of study requirements. The study doctor will review the full requirements for this study with you.
Qualified participants will receive all study-related exams, care and medications at no cost. Compensation for time and travel may be available.
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